The Miss Oregon Scholarship Program, founded in 1947, is unlike any other organization conducting a pageant in the State of Oregon. With a focus on executing a competition that emphasizes the unique aspect of each young woman and which highlights their personal successes from community service to academics to performing arts we are so much more than your "stereotypical" pageant. At every turn we strive to provide young women with the opportunity to rise to the top. The program is fully committed to motivating and assisting young women in the state of Oregon to fulfill their individual and professional goals by rewarding its participants with significant college and university tuition assistance.

The Miss Oregon Scholarship Program provides educational scholarships and opportunities for community service, capacity building and artistic expression for young women ages 18-25 (our teen program, for girls ages 13-18 provides the same).  Each year, the Organization awards thousands of dollars in support of its contestants' educational pursuits, and provides a training ground for participants to develop personal and professional communication and leadership skills. In 2017 the Miss Oregon Scholarship Program awarded over $289,000 in scholarship grants and in-kind tuition scholarships. Miss Oregon winners have leveraged the program on their roads to become attorneys, physicians, business executives, professors and media personalities.Miss Oregon is a champion, role model, and spokesperson lending her voice to causes and organizations impacting our great state. Once crowned, she spends a year of service in dedication to the the state, advocating for her personal platform, the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (the national platform), the Every Child Organization (the state platform) and those of the MOSP partners.

Supporting and promoting the self-esteem of the contestants is of the utmost importance to our organization. It is essential that the young women who compete feel a sense of belonging with both her fellow contestants and the larger pageant community. The skills learned in the Miss Oregon and Miss Oregon's Outstanding Teen Pageants have been said to last a lifetime. Contestants gain the ability to speak and perform in public, to serve as leaders in their own communities and to have a sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities.

"There she is, Miss America..." no more iconic words have been spoken. The Miss America Pageant has been a dream machine for tens of thousands of young women for over ninety years and is one of the most recognizable brands in modern American history.

From its signature font to the winner's crown and sash, the Miss Oregon Scholarship Organization is committed to representing the Miss America brand and the young women we serve with service, scholarship, success and style.

Miss Oregon and Miss America paint a vivid picture of the changing ambitions of their contestants. Miss America is a powerful cultural institution that continues to reveal much about our changing nation. But, beyond the symbolism lies the human stories which speak of the changing position of women in society and how the pageant has been a road to personal and professional success.

The Miss Oregon Scholarship Organization has created a relevant, forward-thinking public program based upon the sense of tradition that makes the Miss Oregon Pageant one of the most popular and anticipated events on the state's cultural calendar.

 For more information about Miss America, go to www.MissAmerica.org.