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 Guidelines and Expectations to be understood and agreed upon prior to application approval.

The following information is the basic structure on what you are permitted to do as a representative of the Miss Oregon’s Outstanding Teen Program as an At-large titleholder. We reserve the right to revoke any title and state competition privileges should you be found to be infraction of the official contract rules or the following title usage guidelines listed below.

***If your title is revoked or relinquished ALL FEES/PAYMENTS are forfeited and non-refundable***

1. No crown or tiara of any kind or style may be worn as a part of your titleholder regalia. Crowns are reserved solely for MAO/ MOSP franchises and their respective titleholders who have competed in and won a local competition.

2. Any activity of volunteerism and/or endorsement of a business, product or community service organization must be communicated to and approved by your delegated State At-Large Teen Liaison and/or State Teen Director.

3. As an At-large titleholder you should remain focused on your Community Service based platform and personal growth. All appearances made in your local area are subject to the approval of the Executive Director of the local program. Do not accept an appearance or set up an appearance without first contacting that Executive Director for approval. If there is not a local program in your area please get approval for any appearances from the State Teen Director or State At-Large Teen Liaison (see #4).

4. Any community event requesting you to appear and/or serve in any volunteer capacity must be approved by your delegated State Liaison and/or State Executive Director. **Any standard local community event appearance must be confirmed that it is not a conflict or in competition with existing local franchise titleholder(s) as they are the preferred representative(s) within our franchised communities. Example: Ribbon cutting ceremony of local senior center.

5. Parallel preparation for State competition with a local program (practicing with a fellow local titleholder) is to be limited to specialty workshops where the local program offers an invitation to you. This invitation must be approved by your delegated State Liaison and/or State Executive Director prior to participating.

6. At-large titles expire December 31, 2019, making you eligible to compete in your respective local programs or to apply as At-large titleholder based on eligibility requirements.

*No appearances may be made using the official sash or title after the expiration date.

*The Miss Oregon and Miss Oregon's Outstanding Teen Programs reserve the right to alter or adapt the Rules of Engagement at any time, without prior notice.