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The Miss Oregon Scholarship Program provides educational scholarships and opportunities for community service, capacity building and artistic expression for young women ages 17-24, our teen program, for girls ages 13-17 (no more than a high school junior) provides the same.  Each year, the Organization awards thousands of dollars in support of contestants' educational pursuits, and provides a training ground for participants to develop personal and professional communication and leadership skills.
In 2017 the Miss Oregon Scholarship Program awarded over $289,000 in scholarship grants and in-kind tuition scholarships.
Miss Oregon winners have leveraged the program on their roads to become
attorneys, physicians, business executives, professors and media personalities.

Miss Oregon is a champion, role model, and spokesperson lending her voice to causes and organizations impacting our great state. Once crowned, she spends a year of service in dedication to the the state, advocating for her personal platform, the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (the national platform), the Every Child Organization (the state platform) and those of the MOSP partners.

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