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Optional lodging for the Miss Oregon Class of 2018 has been arranged at Camp Rilea just several miles away from Seaside in Warrenton.  Contestant check-in time will be provided by June 15th.  When you are approximately 30 minutes outside Seaside please contact either Stephenie 541-973-7205 or Teri 541-892-6992 and the chaperones will be notified so they can meet you at Koski Hall.

  • All lodging is from Monday, June 25th through Sunday, July 1st.

  • There is no option to stay for only a portion of the week.

  • There are no refunds.

  • Round-trip transportation will be provided each day between Camp Rilea and Seaside.

  • Linens are provided, however you may bring your own (especially hand towels & washcloths for make-up removal).

  • Smoking (includes vaping), alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not allowed anywhere on the grounds of Camp Rilea.

  • No pets of any kind permitted.

  • Parking is available on campus. Contestant vehicles will be parked and will not be used for the remainder of the contestants stay. Keys will be turned in to the chaperones upon your arrival.

  • Absolutely no guests will be allowed in Koski Hall or on the grounds of Camp Rilea. Guests found on-site will be removed by Camp Rilea personnel.

  • Contestants are responsible for keeping their room clean, in order and free from damage. Contestants will be responsible for any damage to the room.

  • Valuables such as money, watches and jewelry should be properly safeguarded. The MIss Oregon Scholarship Program, the Miss America Organization and Camp Rilea, et. al, does not assume responsibility for any lost or stolen personal property. Avoid leaving expensive personal items in your room or office. This includes laptops, CD players, iPods, cell phones, or any other items that might draw attention. Take your purse, wallet, keys, cell phone, jewelry, and other valuable items with you. If you do become the victim of a theft, immediately report it to your Camp Rilea chaperone(s).

  • The following are not permitted in Koski Hall; incense, candles, firearms, knives or any other items that could cause bodily harm or damage.

  • Contestants are expected to respect the rights and property of others. Loud noise and similar intrusive behavior are prohibited.

  • The Miss Oregon Scholarship Program RN will be on-site during all hours that contestants are in Koski Hall.

  • All mail sent to contestants should be mailed to: Seaside Convention Center ATTN: Jane Example, Miss Seaside, 415 1st Avenue, Seaside, Oregon. Mail should arrive no later than Friday, June 27th.


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Please accept this submission as my reservation for Camp Rilea June 25th- through July 1, 2018.
I have read all of the rules and regulations and agree to abide by all of them. *
I am under the age of 18 and require permission from my parents/guardians to reside at Camp Rilea during pageant week *
I understand that there are no refunds after registering. *