Chaperone Badge Request.jpg

Princess Chaperone Badge Request

One person may drop off/pick up princess. Please have siblings and other relatives or friends meet/wait in an area away from designated line.

Chaperone badge only provides entry to princess drop off/ pick up door, Princess dressing room (Tour day only) “open” rehearsals and the Trade Show. It is not admission to ticketed events, evening shows or any other rehearsals. Chaperones and other family members will need a ticket to enter shows. All princesses will appear ( in some capacity) on stage Wednesday – Saturday during Miss Oregon Week.

Ticket ordering information can be found on our website after April 10th.

If additional badges are required to ease with drop off and pick up of princess, there is a $10.00 charge per additional limited access badge. Please note that we still require that only one parent is to be the designated chaperone per drop-off and pick-up session for princesses to ensure safety as well as helping to avoid excess crowding. *higher access than “limited” is not available for purchase to anyone.