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The Rules of Conduct for Princesses and Parents, while at camp, are the foundation upon which the images and reputation of the Miss Oregon Princess Program is being built and will continue to be the basis for its operation.

Rule 1: Participants will conduct themselves at all times with dignity, grace, and good manners of young women who exemplify the integrity of American youth.

Rule 2: Participants will treat all fellow participants including volunteers and committee members with courtesy and respect.  (*Miss Oregon Princess Program has a strict “No Bullying” policy.)

Rule 3: Participants must observe all rules and regulations at all meetings, rehearsals, events and performances as well as when in public, especially when wearing our organizations official t-shirt, sash, tiara, crown or program wardrobe items.

Rule 4: Participants will not participate in any interview, picture, press contact or any types of publicity unless a member of the Miss Oregon Board of Directors is present and/or arrangements were made with the Princess Program chairman

Rule 5: Participants may not represent Miss Oregon at parties, meetings, and social events or make any public appearances other than official Miss Oregon events unless arrangements are made in advance with the Princess Program chairman.

Rule 6: When participant/s leave all events, activities and meetings participant/s must check out with a princess committee member.


If Princess/Parent conduct is deemed unsatisfactory by the Chairman of the Princess Pageant Committee and by this conduct the image and good name of the Miss Oregon Princess Program is deemed to be jeopardized, the following procedure is followed:

The Chairman of the Princess Program Committee will issue a warning to the Princess/Parent in the presence of the princess parent/s and another Program Official.

If the condition causing this warning is corrected, no further action will be taken.

If the condition is not corrected, the Princess Program chairman will notify the Executive Director of the Miss Oregon Scholarship Program, Teri Leeper Taylor.

  • Further Action: The Princess and her parents will be given all the particulars regarding the infraction of rules and the definitive action for potential dismissal will be decided by Mrs. Leeper Taylor.

            *Please Note: This would be the result of the offending princess’s unacceptable behavior post warning.

What a Princess does, where she goes and how she conducts herself while representing the Miss Oregon Scholarship Programs are all governed, to a large degree, by rules, regulations and demanding schedules. We reserve the right to be able to dismiss, without refund, any princess whose behavior compromises the Princess Program’s image and good name.