Confidence Under Construction

Humans are ever advancing and are continually in a state of change. Insecurities stem from many different areas, Confidence Under Construction is about helping individuals build multi-faceted confidence. As I strive towards continued self-improvement, I want to help others construct their confidence as well.

In order for one to build their confidence they must step out of their comfort zone and acknowledge a point in which they are insecure. Our fears and limiting beliefs may be present, but through perseverance and dedication to ourselves those negative thoughts will diminish. Turning self-doubts around by setting goals is how to turn those insecurities into strengths, and is where true growth stems from. Youth are our future and we must encourage and challenge them to their fullest capacity by encouraging critical thinking, healthy exercise habits, career potential, hobbies, volunteerism, positive mindsets, community involvement and more – all confidence builders. Confidence cannot be bought, but rather built, or constructed, if you will. My goal as Miss America is to be a confidence contributor, to pour into our nation’s youth by participating in confidence building activities alongside them.

My social impact initiative of Confidence Under Construction allows me the opportunity to mentor and inspire across many platforms and with a wide variety of organizations. For example, as the women’s captain on Portland Water Spectacular water ski show team, I help our younger team members gain skills, confidence and overcome fears. I lead by example. I also volunteer weekly with Start Making a Reader Today (SMART), which brings volunteers into elementary classrooms to ignite a love of reading in children, help build reading skills, motivation and self-confidence. Knowledge is power and continued academic growth is a confidence builder, and will contribute to youth who are then empowered to be productive community members.

Oregon’s state platform, Every Child, is another organization I work closely with which supports families (in partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services) to solve Oregon’s foster care crisis. As Miss America I can take my experience helping Oregon’s most vulnerable children and continue to advocate for programs that contribute to building confidence amongst underserved youth. Along those lines, I am also excited to continue strengthening the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partnership, as the Miss America Organization raises funds for and inspires confidence in medically fragile children and their families.

Maya Angelou once said that “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I stand by this wholeheartedly and as Miss America, my job is to build and maintain relationships while being the link between the Miss America Organization, other non-profit organizations doing good work, and all of the communities throughout our country. Miss America has previously been seen as “just” a beauty pageant with glamorous women, but this program is so much more. Miss America 2.0 is about intelligent, charismatic, innovative and confident women. This program serves as one of our nation’s greatest platforms for empowerment to all. Advocating for my social impact initiative will further the Miss America Organization’s mission of change, relevancy and ability to relate to all. Not only does my social impact initiative have the ability to inspire young women in our country, but it is relevant to all walks of life.

I will work in conjunction with the Miss America board to market the Miss America Organization by maintaining existing relationships as well as reaching out to other organizations and building new affiliations. Miss America is a real human being with a servant’s heart, a passion for her community, and a positive ambassador of the Miss America Organization. I have these qualities and many more that will make me an outstanding representative for this organization. I want to engage with people of all backgrounds and continue to bring my social impact initiative to life. After all, from CEOs to kindergarteners, we are all growing, learning and becoming better versions of ourselves every day. I will be an encourager in a nation full of leaders, entrepreneurs and trailblazers. This organization has helped prepare me for the world, and I am ready to help prepare the world for the rise in confident women taking our society by storm. With true confidence – in myself, and in others – I believe that I can help build a future full of positive, fearless, and ambitious young men and women.